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robinson would please like your vote. if you live anywhere else on planet earth and you've got to go, art robinson would like you to send him your pee every six months until approximately 2019. seriously. grood good friday morning, everybody. right now authorities uncover a minnesota teen's elaborate plot to carry out a columbine massacre. critical moments. a stunning new report reveals how much time was lost before anyone realized malaysian airlines flight 370 was missing. swallowed up. shocking video shows how the baltimore street collapse went down. plus, preparations are under way for the most exciting two minutes in sports. and a baseball rain delay, but not the kind you think. good morning, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. a 17-year-old in minnesota
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is under arrest after an elaborate school plat. thankfully the plan was foiled by a witness who looked into suspicious activities. >> police about 80 miles south of minneapolis say a 17-year-old student, john david ladeaux has been charged with attempted murder. police say he planned to shoot his sister and parents and then set off bams. he planned to shoot down students as he ran outside. he wanted to emulate the 1999 attack on columbine high school in colorado. police found completed functioning bombs. some of them small at his house, kept under his bed. they also say he also had several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. the plot was uncovered tuesday night after someone saw ladeaux
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enter a storage unit and close the doors. authorities say he's been talking to them since he was arrested and told them he intended to kill as many students as he could and then assumed he would be shot shot by responding police. >> police have not revealed any motives. but say there's been no indication that ladeaux was bullied at school. today marks the eighth week that the airline disappeared without a trace. the malaysian government has released a preliminary report into the plane's disappearance, but it only seems to be raising more questions. tom costello has details. >> fors the first time we're hearing the voice from the congress hit as flight 370 communicated with malaysian
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controllers. family members have also heard the recordings. we don't know if it's the captain or first officer fareek, but all the conversations appear routine. the last transmission at 1:19 a.m. is believed to be from captain shaw. >> malaysian 370. contact ho chi minh. good night. >> at 1:21 a.m. the plane disappeared from radar h but not until 1:38 do they say it's missing. then another four hours before search and rescue was activated. far too long who searchers who insist they would have been out much sooner in the u.s. >> when you dissect the four-hour day. that could be the difference of finding the airplane or not. >> it took another three hours before the military reported it
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had tracked the plane. search coordinators believe by then it was already in the southern indian ocean. family members want answers. >> why is that? who is responsible for it? who makes the decision? >> also malaysia has released the cargo manifest. along with the luggage, the plane was carrying 10,000 pounds of fruit and 5,500 pounds of lithium ion batteries. a flammability package is flammable if damaged. eight weeks later search teams still have not spotted a single piece of wreckage. the white house is calling on congress to pass legislation enhancing privacy protections for americans in a new report on big data and privacy it says as more data is collected, analyzed and stored on public and private systems, we must be vigilant in ensuring balance is maintained
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between government and citizens. the report recommends measures to prevent discrimination based on the data trail left by consumers. it would set a national standard for telling consumers their data has been compromised. the president of the los angeles chapter of naacp has resigned in the way of lchlt a. clippers and the scandal resolving around the team. this follows outrage over the decision to give donald sterling an award for promoting civil rights. that idea was scrapped after last weekend. meanwhile, the new york post is reporting that he is battling cancer. yesterday in the nba owners met to discuss the process of ending sterling's owner ship saying they will move forward as expeditiously as possible.
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the lawyer for his alleged girlfriend says one of her friends is the person who leaked the video to tmz. an investigation is under way to the cause of a massive street collapse in baltimore. the department of transportation is working to destale the road and stop further erosion. there's remarkable new video showing the moments leading up to the street collapse. you see a row of cars just disappears after a black long portion of the road gives way. officials say residents who live along the block may have to stay out of their homes for up to 40 days as a precaution. time to switch gears and onto sports with richard lui. >> unbelievable it was. >> that video is frightening. >> we just can don't expect those things to happen. we're watching this as well as the sports. it's three do or dies in the nba playoffs. tied now, golden state and los
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angeles. the clippers within one point on this three-pointer. golden state in an eager game. who will take that one home? oklahoma city's kevin dur rant netting 36 points. but he does it on the same day his hometown paper calls him mr. unreliable. oklahoma surviving 104-84, tying the gaseries at one a piece the. indiana is moving ahead with the jumper. atlanta struggles, hitting only a quarter of their three-pointers. indiana, 95-88. series, three games a piece. let's take you to the nhl playoffs. the classive rivalry goes double joer time. monotrooel wins the face-off 4-3.
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amaiding shots in that game. new york/pittsburgh hits the ice tonight. they have the cross-town rivalry on saturday. a jailhouse scuffle and alleged threats gets, yes, aaron hernandez in the news again. he has a new set of charges. the former patriot is already in custody on a 2013 murder charge. now add to that assaulting an inmate and threatening a guard. a no hitter! that's the voice the public has heard for 74 years. he's announcing don larson's perfect game and babe ruth's best interviews. he's still working at age 93.
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he has more expense than everything in the building. wolf that has the longest broadcast career ever. the white house correspondence dinner or so-called nerd prom gets muscle this year. some of the nfl's best break bread with the elite tomorrow. who would you like to sit there? >> i'll go richard sherman. an interesting conversation. a rain delay in left field. watch this. the water guys are getting the bull pen. they clear nearby stands. as he was chasing down the foul ball he kicks the sprinkler. >> not the rain delay you expected. bill karins is here with our friday forecast. think we're going to have rain delays tlourt the weekend? >> here's the forecast throughout the next 24 to 48 hours. i have to start with what happened yesterday in san diego.
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san diego was 95 degrees. you think of san diego, retired on the beach. yesterday was exceptionally warm. it was the warmest may day they've ever seen. we do have some scattered showers in montana through south dakota. we do still have some showers and rain leftover in florida. it's a pretty nice friday, but the sunshine state is going to be wet. still really beautiful weather on saturday through many areas. saturday is the derby. today is the oaks. tomorrow is the derby. the forecast looks really nice. no problems whatsoever. 76ish on saturday. >> that's perfect. >> mid 70s. great for the dresses, the hats. and my horse is dance with fate. >> that's a pretty good name, though. >> pink silks stand out. >> i've never seen you so
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exciting about something. >> it's the derby. the horse event of the year. i grew up going to track. >> nbc is the exclusive home of the derby. prerace coverage begins at noon eastern. and you don't want to miss the race. bill is not. coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern on your local nbc station. worrisome news involving climate change and chi you should take selfies with other humans.
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it's a busy day. let's get to bertha coombs. >> big news today, of course, key jobs report for april, that could show hiring expanded. forecast is calling for 215,000 new jobs to add to the economy and unemployment to drop to 6.6%. gm will ask a bankruptcy court
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to halt lawsuits over the company's ignition switch recall. the judge is deciding if gm can be held liable for incidents prior to the bankruptcy. gm admits it knewed about possible defects as far back as 2001. >> all right, thank you. and stories making news this morning. dozens of colleges and universities are facing federal investigations for violating anti-discrimination laws, including the handling of sexual assault complaints. it includes ivy league and princeton is among them. and alarming news about greenhouse gases. new tests show the level of carbon dike side in the atmosphere is now at the highest in human history. so stick around. scramble politics and the hills
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[ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today...and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today. because when people talk, great things happen. florida's state senate passed a bill to allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at public university and college. meanwhile, florida state house agreed to legalize medical marijuana.
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governor rick scott says if the state senate approves a bill he will sign it into law. and seattle leaders have reached an agreement to raise the city's minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. it will match the city of ctac, a sbealt suburb for the highest minimum wage in the nation. tammy duckworth introduced a measure to prevent lawmakers from booking first class airline seats using congressional allowance. she says it's important we not spend taxpayer dollars on luxury like first class air travel. and former president george w. bush weighed in on his younger brother's possible presidential run. >> i hope jeb runs. i think he would be a great president. i have no clue what's on his mind. so hey, jeb. if you need some advice, give me a call. >> during a photo shoot prior to
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an interview session with the foreign press, benjamin netanyahu said stop taking pictures, live! . take a look. >> so thyme the only person here without all these electronic devices? i'm a free man. and you're all slaves. you're slaves to this your gadgets. >> i think he has a point. that's your morning dish of scramble politics. it is friday. so you know what that means. i am joined by this slave to a gadget, who is now with the hill, mind you. good morning. congrats on the new gig. >> thank you very much. happy friday. >> all right. the white house wants congress to pass legislation to beef up privacy laws. what the chances of this happening. >> nothing this year.
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and criticizing facebook p google, the big silicon valley tech companies and urging them top rain in the collection strategies that a lot of companies have criticized the white house and the nsa for data collection policies of their own. interesting wrangling going on. >> indeed. but by even proposing the legislations, is the white house in a way really putting data mining in the u.s. overstepping its boundaries? and we all know facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and others have hit the white house for some of their tech policy regulations. got to shift gears now. we all know the white house dinner is this weekend. >> nerd prom! >> yes. since it is nerd prom and you're one of the nerds, got the
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insight on which celebs and news makers will get the invite? >> it will be a who's who of washington as it always is. i want to say i'm staying as far away this weekend from the white house correspondence dinner. but i'm looking the forward to hearing what joel mchale has to say. he's a funny, funny person. >> we'll see what he says. and i'll be at the rock the vote event. >> so you're leaving nerd prom for mtv. you're too cool for school around here. before you know it, you're not going to want to spend time with us. >> friday mornings wouldn't be the same. bill karins and richard lui are coming back for the first buzz so stick around. that are powered by the moon. ♪
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time now for first buzz. as bill says it's feel good friday. >> i like to do the stories on friday. it's our feel good story. >> bring it then. >> it's prom season, of course. hats off to this hockey player from minnesota. he suffered an injury that forced him to be paralyzed. he asked espn's michelle beetle to go to prom. she stepped up o the plate. she did it. she went to the prom. went to dinner with the family. he says it was the time of his life. and they had a fantastic time. they looked great together, too. >> good for them. >> right on with that. >> so unlike bill. >> you're the debbie downer.
2:27 am
but you have a pretty good story today. no charts involved. >> no charts. so this is very interesting. so basically, how you get from one place to another in an urban environment. so there's a guy here -- you have to watch this -- who dresses up as spiderman. no special effects here. it looks like he's drusing a dre through a camera. >> are you sure that's real? >> it's the real spiderman? >> not the real spiderman. but he's doing all the stunts with no specific effects at all. >> that is pretty awesome. i wonder who is shooting that. we'll go from spiderman to a selfie who went wrong. why are you taking a selfie with a squirrel? this kid did. this teenager. >> why wouldn't you? >> then the squirrel goes on attack. jumps on his back, runs up through his shirt. his mom captures it all but i
2:28 am
just wish it were a video. get it off me! >> the squirrel is shy. does not like selfies. >> they're a little too used to humans. >> he's probably going "he has no idea what he's about to get into." a lot of people looking forward to saturday. bill, you've already picked your horse? >> i did. dancing with fate is my horse. it's got pretty good odds. >> i like candy boy. >> california kroem is the favorite. that's the one we're going to hear the most about. uncle psi is not bad. >> no crazy names this year. >> yeah, we were going through the names. nothing too crazy. wildcat red.
2:29 am
nothing that really grabs you. no celebrity names or anything like that. >> next year. >> well. we have to get past this year. good luck with the kentucky derby. this is first like on msnbc. way too early with thomas roberts starts right now. >> not only has donald sterling been banned from the nba, he's also been banned from the bunny ranch in nevada. >> if you want to have a good time, be a nice person. the don't be a racist or animal killer or we're not going to let you in here. >> dennis hoff says he wants nothing to do with los angeles clipper owner donald sterling. he says the main reason he is banned for life is out of respect for the nba players that come here to the bunny ranch. >> appreciate it. >> so the not so serious and the
2:30 am
very serious collateral damage continuing to stack up against donald sterling. he may lose the team, but another man just lost his job. surprising details just released about what happened before and after malaysian flight 370 took off and vanished. and the shocking moment caught on camera when a historic baltimore street crumbles away. this is "way too early." hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it's friday, may 2nd. welcome to "way too early." we're finally seeing weather like it. right? that's some cheap, cheap yeahs coming from this audience. trying to liven you people up. and it's not working. let's start with the lead story. i want to begin

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